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Why Use C++ for Developing Business Applications?

  • Business applications developed on C++ are fast, highly functional, encompassing and scalable

Why use C++ for developing Business Applications

Business applications are targeted at enhancing a company’s performance by automating daily accounting tasks or improving communication between in-house and hybrid work teams. These applications offer different business functionalities that can be used within or outside of an organization. They support various business processes such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, human resources information systems, business intelligence, and more. There are three types of business applications - B2B, B2C, and Internal. They help by increasing employee productivity, increasing customer engagement, and providing actionable insights.  

There are several programming languages, currently used to develop business applications like JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, PHP, C/C++, Go, etc. However, developing such applications with C++ language makes them fast, highly functional, and scalable. 

What makes C++ the language of choice for business applications?

It is often said amongst developers and technology enthusiasts that while other programming languages are closer to the business/application/user, C++ is closer to the computer. The top reasons that make C++ the language of choice are:   


C++ lets you indulge in low-level manipulation of data and write close-to-hardware code capable of running as fast as the CPU making it favorable for business applications where performing complex real-time calculations might be required. 

Timely Updates

Developing a business application in C++ can be advantageous because you can be sure that your business applications do not die anytime soon (and consequently, neither does your business). Since its inception, C++ has been constantly upgraded, ensuring that C++ isn’t getting outdated. The C++ Standards so far are - 

Community Support of C++

The large community of C++ provides excellent support for learners, making it easier and more flexible to learn the language. If someone needs any help or guidance regarding C++, there are numerous resources available, including blogs, podcasts, guides, and expert programmers on various platforms.

Modular Approach

C++ takes a modular approach to solving problems through the use of ”objects”, a reason for it being called an “object-oriented” programming language. Programs focus on objects and their manipulations. Abstraction is exclusively followed, which means how an object behaves is unknown to other objects. This approach provides a wonderful way of breaking problems into smaller modules, solving them, and putting the solutions together to obtain a complete solution.  

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are specialized software and hardware systems that are designed to perform a specific function. Developing such systems requires fast and efficient programming languages, such as C++. C++ is widely used in embedded systems because it is an intermediary language that combines high-level and low-level features. Many popular gadgets and devices, such as smartwatches, GPS systems, and mp3 players, are created using C++.

Rich Library Support

Businesses develop quickly over time, especially once they’ve been in operation for some time. This necessitates the addition of new features, functions, and, sometimes, calculations. Having to rewrite entire codes to add or remove such features can be cumbersome. However, C++ offers rich library support, which makes writing new code and adding new functions relatively faster.  

Support for Distributed Systems and Cloud

More and more businesses around the world are switching to the distributed system of functioning. As such, businesses need a platform that can support such a distributed work environment. For this, C++ emerges as a high-performing solution tool because it connects very well with the hardware, offers a lot of control over it, and is compatible with a lot of many machines.

Real-World Deployment of C++ Business Applications

C++ finds extensive application in several business areas.

Operating systems

C++ is a programming language that offers high speed and a variety of system-level functions, making it ideal for creating operating systems. The language was developed in response to the need for analyzing distributed applications on the UNIX Operating System, which was the first OS built using a programming language like C.


C++ is a highly popular programming language for game development due to its ability to work closely with hardware. It's especially useful for games that rely heavily on graphics, as it can operate at high speeds. In multiplayer games, many functions require a lot of resources, which C++ can handle optimally. It's also well-suited for addressing the complexities of 3D games. Many popular games, such as World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike, engines like Unreal Engine, and gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch were created using C++.

Enterprise applications

Enterprise software that is widely used and highly valued is often developed using C++. These applications are typically utilized in domains such as CRM software, project management tools, marketing automation, ERP, and business intelligence. Additionally, C++ is heavily employed in developing banking and trading enterprise applications. A prominent example is Finacle, a core-banking application by Infosys that employs C++ for its cybersecurity and backend operations.

Web browsers

Your web browser is likely programmed in C++. This enables the backend services to retrieve information from databases and convert code into interactive web pages quickly and with minimal delay. As a result, the content appears on our screens on time.

Database Management System

Many widely used database management tools were created using the C++ programming language. MySQL is a popular open-source database that is utilized by a large majority of organizations. These databases play a crucial role in developing major applications used by companies like Google, Netflix, YouTube, and Adobe. C++ offers a range of features, including file handling, high speed, reliability, functions, classes, and objects, that make it an ideal choice for data management.

Cloud computing and distributed applications

Many large companies that utilize cloud computing and distributed applications find C++ to be the ideal choice for implementing their cloud storage systems. This is because C++ is highly compatible with machines and is a language that is close to the hardware. Additionally, C++ provides multithreading support.

Developing Business Applications with Evon Technologies

As a top C++ Development Company, Evon specializes in developing highly optimized and scalable software systems using C++. Whether your requirements are ERP, B2B and B2C Web Portals, Business Intelligence and analytics, CRM, or Digital Transformation, we have your back! We have experimented with C++ over the years and we strongly believe in the language’s power and capabilities. Our development experts understand that the foundation of any successful modern-day development project lies in the choice of the programming language and the hardware that is focused on real-time. So our specializations cover everything that you could be looking for. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more.


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